Why we’re the Beauty Business Consultancy that makes a difference

Updated: May 21, 2020

As a fresh, forward-thinking and digitally inclined consultancy, Diadem Business Consulting is positioned in the UK £bn beauty industry with a key focus on developing health and beauty brands and businesses through our bespoke consulting services and exclusive mentorship programmes.

What the Diadem team is passionate about

Our team of beauty fanatics and expert consultants have an appetite for luxury natural, vegan, organic or other ‘clean beauty’ brands. We revel at the prospect of developing independent, upcoming and niche beauty brands in the UK beauty market, whether they’re already selling in the UK or destined to be. Our services and programmes prepare beauty businesses in their search for investors or in their quest for expansion, nationally or globally. We formulate growth and market strategies that fit with your short-term goals and long-term business objectives. Both our exclusive Mentorship Programmes and our bespoke Consulting services are based on our 5 point system of success and provide routes to solid growth and development.

What’s the difference between Consulting and Mentoring?

With our Consulting services, we utilise our expertise in building and expanding beauty brands on behalf of your business. This means you’ll have more time to work on your business, instead of in it. We focus on UK Retail Brand Development, Lead Generation & Sales, Marketing & PR and Specialist Recruitment, which includes planning, implementing and developing your change portfolio to improve sales, marketing and operational aspects of your business.

Our exclusive Mentorship Programmes allow you as a business owner (whether you’re a startup or established and trading SMEs) to take control of your business’ pace and level of growth under our support and guidance. Perfect for those business owners who are hands-on and eager to learn, we offer 4 different programmes tailored to meet the 4 common business problems faced at each business life stage. All Programmes receive full access to our online knowledge vault and include online 1-2-1 mentoring sessions with a dedicated Beauty Business Mentor.

Why choose Diadem?

With almost 20 years of beauty industry experience managing, starting, owning and developing businesses, we have watched the industry grow and take unprecedented directions that have changed the way in which we value and see beauty. We understand the importance of pivoting, reinventing and improving your business to meet the current demands of this fast-paced industry.

We are modern, adaptable and work with clients to be aligned with the needs of their chosen target market in this highly competitive and global industry. We are in touch with the global beauty industry and understand the challenges faced by entrepreneurs. Whether you’re a brand with grassroots industry experience looking to grow or a small business owner with great plans trying to scale up your retail or service offering, whoever you are and however long you have been in the industry, we provide you with an experience that goes above and beyond.

In our system for success, we pride ourselves in offering trackable, achievable and guaranteed results. All our services irrespective of monetary value come with client buyer protection so you can be assured that your financial investment in us is valued and that we are the business to trust.

We’re excited to meet you!

Are you just excited about us as we are about your beauty business? Get in touch and book in our Signature Discovery Call! In this no-obligation 15 minute call, we find out whether we are a match for each other and how we can help you develop your brand or grow your business in the lucrative UK beauty market. This call is completely FREE as we value bringing our services to you wherever you are in the world. No matter what timezone you are in, you can trust us to call you at a time that is convenient for you.

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