Why the Clean Beauty Market Is Booming Right Now

In recent years, there has been significant growth in the sales of clean beauty products within the UK. Research from The Vegan Society shows that sales of vegan beauty products have seen a 38% increase in 2018, with popular beauty retailers like Superdrug and Boots reporting substantial progress towards a cruelty-free beauty market. Superdrug’s own brand's vegan beauty products saw a 750% increase of sales in January 2019, whilst the online website for Boots also reported a 56% increase in searches related to cruelty-free cosmetics. So, why have consumers decided to invest more in clean beauty?

1. The truth about animal testing in cosmetics

The Vegan Society found that there were 3.52 million UK animal experiments reported in 2018, proving the UK to be one of the biggest users of animal testing in Europe. Animal testing is cruel and unnecessary. Pain-free animal testing simply does not exist, unfortunately every animal that is put through cosmetic testing has to suffer. Either due to the torture they endure during the testing, or the callous conditions in which they are forced to live. Some people may think that the results from animal testing are always clear and accurate, as it would be pointless otherwise, but this is not always the case. Results are often uncertain as products may pass animal testing but could possibly still be harmful to human skin. The lack of clear test results despite the suffering of innocent animals, undoubtedly proves how unnecessary animal testing really is.

2. Clean beauty products are better for your skin

Many conventional products contain harsh chemicals, and you probably have no idea where they come from or how they can potentially affect your skin. If consumers are given a wider range of cruelty-free products, there will eventually be no need for products that are chemically produced. Clean beauty products tend to be less toxic for your skin as they generally contain more natural, clean ingredients. By opting for cruelty-free products you are saving your own skin from harmful ingredients which can trigger acne and inflammation and other serious health related problems. Switch to cruelty-free today and your skin will thank you tomorrow.

3. Avoiding brands which test on animals also helps the planet

Limiting what you buy not only helps the animals, your skin and your pocket but it also prevents you from buying unnecessary products and thus minimises waste. If every beauty buyer purchases only their essential products and purchases those from a clean beauty brand, we are also doing our part to help the planet.

Some of our favourite clean beauty brands for all beauty needs:

Why the beauty industry needs more clean beauty products

Clean beauty concerns skin, hair, makeup and nail products. There are many successful and well- known clean beauty brands, but there are also smaller, independent businesses on the rise. Despite their differences in terms of growth, results and sales, it is clear that most clean beauty brands are dedicated to optimising natural, vegan friendly ingredients in order to create products for a superior well-being. Many of which combine nature’s greatest elements with a touch of science to achieve impressive results. However, despite the booming business of clean beauty, ongoing opportunities for even more organic beauty brands continue to bloom within this industry. Until we reach a 100% cruelty-free cosmetic market, there will always be the need for more clean beauty products.

Are you determined to get recognised in the beauty industry?

Consumers now tend to do more research before buying a beauty product. Increased education within the topic of cruelty-free cosmetics is resulting in an ongoing demand for clean beauty products. Buyers now have a tendency to read labels, and they specifically look out for packaging which includes “not tested on animals”. Having clear labels with this information could now make or break your beauty brand. We consistently recognise the important factors like these, that make clean beauty brands successful. At Diadem Business Consulting we have great determination to help the beauty industry achieve more remarkable results from clean beauty. With our passion for organic products and our years of experience, we can help you achieve growth and success for your Beauty Business.

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