Back to basics: what is the difference between Mentoring and Consulting?

Updated: May 21, 2020

You're a beauty business owner that wants to grow....but how? Diadem offers an array of different services to help your beauty business thrive. We can imagine the offering can be quite overwhelming, so let's bring it back to basics!

Understanding Mentoring

We divide our offered services into two categories: Mentoring and Consulting. Our Mentoring programmes are for the more hands-on business owners. Those who want to learn more themselves and take their business growth into their own hands...but with a little help! We provide a personal Business Mentor to help you out along the way and to keep you on track with growing your beauty business. It's basically like going to beauty business bootcamp!

We have 4 different mentorship programmes that each tailor to businesses in different phases of their business journey. So, that means that whether you're starting off or have been running your business for a long time, we'll have a tailored programme to fit your needs and boost your beauty business!

Consulting: taking it out of your hands!

Consulting is a bit different and specifically tailored for those business owners that want to invest in experts that can help them grow their business. They know exactly where they need help (possibly because they've successfully completed one of our mentorship programmes) and are willing to invest in someone to help them out and take things out of their hands. This could be outsourcing their daily marketing and sales activities, recruitment, lead generation or even a consultant helping them bring their product or business to the competitive UK beauty retail market. We have a dedicated team of expert consultants ready to help.

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