Traditional Business Methods That No Longer Work And Tools You Need To Grow A Business Digitally

What is tradition these days?

Due to technological advancements the growth in social media and the rise of a new generation of tech savvy individuals has meant business done ‘traditionally’ has changed forever; and some of the business advice given to you from someone who started their company many years ago might not work for you today. That’s why it’s so important to have a business mentor who understands you, understands the changes in trends and methods in which business has been done previously. If you’d like to read more about our Mentorship Programmes, click here and find the best mentoring option for your business needs.

Traditionally you needed funding for advertising and marketing

Business practice has shifted. Social media is free, whereas ads cost money. All you’ll need a good social media strategy and followers first to have anyone view your content on social media, so many companies do have to invest in a social media consultant or a social growth tool. Once you have your content, however, sharing it on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more is free. In the past, getting ads to reach new consumers online was costly. Now, with a focused social media strategy, it can be free.

In terms of paid advertisements, however, social media has taken over that frontier as well. It’s been reported that Instagram has 2 million monthly advertisers, and Facebook is even more popular for advertising purposes. If you’re knowledgeable in creating and targeting social media ads, you can reach an enormous audience at a relatively low price. Even better, social media is social, and often people will share sponsored ads and posts with friends, furthering their reach, according to Social Media Today.

Social media allows specific ad targeting and remarketing

Not only can you advertise your business both for free and through paid ads, but you can create even more specific and targeted ads. Because of both social media and cookies online, it is easy to retarget potential customers who have visited your website.

If you’ve ever visited a website, clicked on a few items, left, and then saw an ad with those exact items shortly after, you’ve been retargeted. This form of marketing is extremely effective in getting interested customers to return to a website and convert.

You can now easily gather audience data too! Cookies make remarketing possible even if you haven’t directly visited a site. Marketers can target people based on their interests, behaviour online, search history, and more. Since marketers have so much more user-specific information at their fingertips, it is possible to create different ad sets targeted directly at those who are most likely to respond to them. Cookies are not only on social media, but social media does allow for more information. Pixels can track when social media users click an ad and see where they end up on the following website, making remarketing even easier and more specific.

Social media brings more direct engagement between businesses and consumers.

Before, customers had to call a customer service line, send an email, or visit the actual establishment to reach a business. This process could take time, and it could be difficult to ever get in touch with a business. Now, with social media, it’s easier than ever to have a direct interaction between businesses and their customers.

This can be a double-edged sword for businesses. On one hand, if they provide quick and helpful customer service, their brand will only look better and customers will be happy and likely return in the future. On the other hand, if you don’t respond at all or do a poor job of helping customers online, it will make your business look bad. It’s common on social media to see consumers calling out brands publicly for messing up or providing poor service. This can severely hurt your brand image.

Direct engagement between businesses and consumers is a good thing because it holds the business accountable, but it must be done right. Engaging directly with customers can also make your business feel more human rather than hiding behind a brand logo. The businesses with the most success on social media level with customers, helping them when needed and creating a brand voice that sounds real, not just like sales-y advertisement language.

Engaging directly with customers online is also a great way to see what they like and don’t like. Businesses can post captions with questions about what customers would like to see next, create polls about which products or services they prefer, and much more. You can get direct input from customers through social media, and open up a conversation that will let them feel heard and valued.

There are so many ways in which business has changed and these are some of the key points we want to get across to you. You no longer need to rely on traditional business methods, funding or investment for marketing and advertising as you can simply do it yourself and create the same reults as other brands have done. There are so many examples of people who have spent £0 on their marketing budget and have achieved enourmous results through clever marketing strategies, i.e. Huda Beauty.

If you’re looking for help with your Social Media Growth, please do view our programmes available to you. Interested in reading more? Read our latest blog on beauty distribution here. Or you can just Contact Us directly for a FREE consultation.

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