Top 10 Beauty Trends To Start A Beauty Brand

Looking for an idea to start or grow your beauty brand? Here are 10 Beauty Trends for 2021 to choose from

The beauty industry is expanding at an unprecedented rate with a constant pop up of new indie brands surfacing...everywhere! The idea of starting your own beauty brand hits many with a certain euphoria but it can be difficult to think exactly where to start, especially if you are new to this industry. In such a highly- competitive market, the idea of being the next dote-potential brand can be also quite overwhelming and leave you with a bit of 'entrepreneur's block' - you are ready to start something but the possible routes to success leave you stuck on which one to choose

To be successful in this fast-paced and exciting industry, you either need to go with the wave and customise certain elements of your product to stand out (which is the quicker less expensive route) or totally bring something extremely innovative, absolutely mind-blowing into the market (the high risk, very time consuming, expensive, only for the brave and truly passionate about their creation route)

This article focuses more on investing in ideas set to be the next big thing in beauty. If you are:

Quick enough,


Have the right funds in place (you do not need to be a millionaire to start a beauty brand)

Passionate and

Open to get some help (you can ask us here)

then 2021 can prove to be a good foundation for you aspirations of being a beauty entrepreneur

Here is a roundup of the 10 beauty trends (in no particular order) we think will fire up the global beauty scene in 2021 and ones you can choose from to start your brand straight away

1. Eye care

As many have been working from home, for almost 12 months for some, the screen time being experienced by the global population has increased substantially. The no face to face contact has meant that the normal 2-3 hours in front of a computer screen in an office in the city has now extended to 6-8 hours a day to accommodate work, team and client meetings via virtual meeting platforms such as Zoom. The eyes need tender-loving-care and any products you can create that offer relief, hydration and de-puffing, you are set to amass a lot of fans

2. Eye makeup

With face coverings being a mandatory piece to be worn by all; be it travel, shopping trips, public gatherings and work environments, eye makeup is a category that is set to be a leading cosmetics category. The eyes have become a focal point (and almost facial statement piece) for many as they eagerly look for inspiration for their eyes to look bolder, brighter. Marketwatch shares a collective analysis on the global eyemarket which reveals opportunities in this area. Whether you select mascara, eyeshadows, eyelashes or general eye cosmetic solutions for the eye and eyebrow area, if you can bring something impressive to the market you are sure to win.

3. Lip butters, scrubs and masks

Constantly being indoors and with some relishing heating on blast in the cold days and nights, lips are suffering from dehydration leaving many with extremely dry and chapped, thin lips. A netdoctor article by a Harley Street doctor, Dr Julius de Silva - Healthcare innovator & Pioneering Facial Cosmetic Surgeon, reveals that the lack of oxygen stifles the healthy production of collagen to the skin brought by fresh air, Dr De Silva encourages all to get a good boost of cold winter air for beauty benefits and with that being said, oxygen lip care maybe? If you can innovate in the area of butters, scrubs, masks and general lipcare, you can win a good position in this growing market.

4. Lip stains

Lip colour cosmetics have seen a general decline in the last 12 months due to the change in lifestyle. With nowhere to go and when you can go out, the mask-on, mask-off process has really been frustrating for some, leaving a simple trace of their favourite lip colour on their lips within hours of applying. Matte lipsticks, lipsticks or any lip colour product that guarantees non-transfer or long wear will be a winner in this category. See what other areas in this category you can innovate in this report

5. At-home spa treatments

It is generally agreed that nothing can compare to having your beauty treatment professional or therapist beautifying your hair, decorating your nails or giving you that much needed Swedish back massage or luxury facial. However, there is a group of consumers who have loved every minute of learning how to recreate some spa treatments at home (Harper's Bazaar, 2020) and swear to only go back to a professional as a treat rather than a must. With the uncertainty of covid and general fears of the population regarding contact in public spaces, at home treatments are set to stay and grow.

6. Haircare

With no access to salons to get your regular hair extensions, weave installations, or professional cut and colour treatments, consumers are paying more close attention to the health of their natural hair. Innovation in this area is also key by giving something that works to repair, treat lengthen and boost volume. Consider hair masks, butters, oils and serums which can help with common hair health problems without the attention and care of a hair professional and check other key trends shaping the haircare industry in a Cosmetics Business report

7. BB Creams & Tinted Moisturisers

The 'less is more' wave is set to stay for a considerable amount of time. With consumers learning how to embrace their natural beauty and being accustomed to very little or no-makeup, this once up and coming category is set to accelerate in growth. With beauty fans set to stock up on skin tints in 2021 (Popsugar, 2021) consumers will still be looking for a light transformation for work, travel or date but with the feeling of wanting to remain looking as close to natural as possible. Being creative is very essential here to put yourself ahead in this category

8. Wellness products - natural, herbal, aromatherapeutic oils

With the anxiety, confusion and restricted way of living, health and wellness stands as a strong category to enter and innovate. Relaxation, stress relieving, energy boosting products which are natural, herbal and aromatherapeutic to bring balance and harmony to the senses form part of wellness trends to watch in 2021 according to Mintel. A trend that will not go out fashion but rather became a standard way of life, bring something new and inspiring in this area and take it to the global beauty market

9. Skin tools and technology

AI, VR, light technology and skin tools is a beauty category experiencing great growth. Although people are spending more time indoors, consumers are still looking to try on makeup products as they would at a department store beauty counter, and experiment with tools and technological products that will mimic the clinic or beauty salon experience. Cosmetics Design Europe highlights a global tech movement in beauty with 3D makep, printed makeup and smart mirrors predicted as trends in this BBC Business article Finding a range of innovative products and coupling it with education to inspire the beauty technology consumer is needed to be successful in this arena

10. Inclusive Clean beauty

This category is a growing category set to see upward growth for the long sustainable future. Clean beauty - vegan, organic, sustainable and cruelty free beauty is here to stay. The rising awareness of ingredient safety and the health effects associated to certain synthetic or proven-toxic ingredients found in haircare, skincare, cosmetics and fragrance and the consumer demand for more all-inclusive beauty, sets this being the leading reason for consumers to switch to any of the trending beauty products for 2021 or going-to be trending in years to come. With over x% of beauty consumers making the switch in the last 12 months alone Efficacy, science and innovation and inclusivity - being beauty for all sizes, genders and skin colours' revealed in an Ipsos 'What The Future; Beauty survey - are key to creating a successful beauty brand in 2021 and for the future

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