Social Media Tips On How To Market Your Beauty Brand

If you’re a beauty business owner and you are nowhere to be seen on social media then you are making one of the biggest mistakes you could ever make. Having signed up to social media platforms to advertise your business is great, but do you actually have an online presence? Do you rank on the first page of Google when you type in your business name? If not, who are your competitors, and what are they doing right that you aren’t? Are you utilising the right optimisation methods, i.e. targeted keywords, geo-locations and even #hashtags? These are some of the things that you need to think about. If you aren’t, fear not, we’ve got you covered with the top tips you need to implement from today to see results.

1) Are you signed up for all the social media platforms necessary for your business?

In this day and age, you can’t afford to just be on one platform. Some of the biggest beauty brands on the market at the moment exist on multiple platforms to really hone in different audiences from various locations around the world. Rather than just signing up for various platforms for the sake it; ask yourself which platforms are the most suited to your audience and your industry or specific niche area that you’re operating in. That could be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. Have a think and brainstorm what is the most ideal to you. You might even ask; how can I manage all these platforms? Today, there are so many tools available that allow you to integrate all your platforms so if you post on one platform it will also do the same on the other platforms as long as you edit, schedule and select the correct timings for your social media postings.

2) Claim your business name and have consistent name handles across all platforms

Ensure your social media names are the same across the board, i.e. @example101 needs to be the same on all your social media accounts so you create that brand identity and familiarity with your audience. Claim your name, buy the relevant domains and if it’s in your budget to buy a trademark go ahead. Research what other brands out there have similar names to you and work around that to create variations for yourself if you see any clashes.

3) Follow other beauty brands

You might think why would I follow my competition? Well, you won’t get much out of your social media is you completely isolate yourself from others in the market who are doing the exact same thing. Follow others to show you’re an active participant, keep up with the latest industry news/trends to see what is new and what other industry leaders are doing. Aside from that check your mentions, and keep up with your notifications, customer concerns and new followers. Ensure that you deliver excellent customer service throughout and respond to all your direct messages.

Always remember: social media isn’t all about you. From commenting on posts to retweeting and publishing the content of others, getting noticed on social media means being an active participant. Interacting with fans and customers allows you to show off your personality and likewise introduce your brand to new followers. Make a point to interact with at least a few profiles per day. Focusing on relationships and engagement via social only takes a few seconds and can score you major brownie points with your followers.

4) Have a clear content strategy

Know what you are posting and be clear on it. Brainstorm what you’d like, i.e. colours, images, quotes or whatever it may be. Have a vision and choose your themes and stick with them to build your brand identity. Always include the relevant hashtags in your captions to increase your reach on social media, and ensure you post daily. You also need to understand social media posting times, and which time of the day your following is online. Always monitor your social media presence for growth. Invest in a social media analytic platform that provides you with reports on your top-performing content, which are all important when it comes to accountability and informing your future content ideas.

5) Promote your social media channels

Now that you’ve set up all your profiles, think about how your followers are going to find you. Invest in PPC campaigns if necessary, boost your posts on the social media platforms that you use. Your promotions are not just limited to boosting your posts they also include: your website, headers, footers, email newsletters, signatures, cross-promotion between social media sites, i.e. promoting your YouTube channel on Instagram. Use your own platforms to advertise yourself and your business and engage with the community that your business is intended for to build that organic growth and your online presence.

Not sure where to begin?

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