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The Ordinary: how their simple strategy and clean skincare is revolutionising the beauty industry

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Anyone who knows anything about the beauty industry, and specifically skincare, knows that The Ordinary is a skincare brand that has risen to the top as one of the most-wanted clean beauty brands out there. With their honourably priced and high quality products, they're taking the skincare market by storm! But what is it that they do so differently? And what are some factors to which we can attribute their massive success?

The products: clear and clean

One of The Ordinary's most notable brand values is integrity, which can be clearly seen in their products. Their products don't have a fancy name filled with buzzwords. They clearly state the active ingredients in the product as the name and that's it. Nothing more, nothing less. Apart from that they also clearly state all of their ingredients on the product packaging, without using empty synonyms to hide behind.

Of course this might mean that the general public kind of scratches their head at reading words like 'Granactive Retinoid' and 'Niacinamide', but The Ordinary thought about that! They have clear guides on their website on how to pick the perfect skincare regimen with their products. And if even then you feel a bit lost, you can reach out for custom product recommendations based on your skin concerns.

Another example of this is that The Ordinary clearly states if their products contain alcohol, nuts or animal products. Perfect if you have any allergies, are vegan or abide to specific lifestyle choices based on religion.

The importance of language

Using the right tone of voice and the right language for your target audience is so incredibly important and The Ordinary is a pro at pinpointing exactly how to communicate with their target audience. Instead of hyping up empty claims, The Ordinary speaks in functional terms about their products on their website. They use language that is appropriate for the industry without dumbing themselves down. This means their website's FAQ doesn't beat around the bush. They clearly state their policies on animal testing, how products should be used and who formulates and manufactures their products.

However, addressing (potential) customers on social media requires a whole different way of thinking. Speaking not only to, but with your audience requires a different tone of voice. The Ordinary (or specifically their parent company DECIEM) have created a tone of voice on their social media channels that is human and kind. This creates a bond of trust between the company and their customers.

Creating loyal customers

The Ordinary is a subsidiary of their parent company DECIEM and thus their customer relationships are managed by this parent company. They're great at turning customers into ambassadors, which you can clearly see in the amount of effort they put into building valuable and long-term relationships with their customers.

Every single review left on the product pages on the Ordinary's website is met with bespoke and honest advice on the use of their products by the customer care team, without judgement of the customer in question. On top of that they have an incredible 365 day return policy for their products. This level of customer care is unrivalled by many other companies and creates a loyal customer that will keep coming back for more.

How to create your own Beauty Business success

The Ordinary goes above and beyond in building lasting customer relationships and it's showing in their massive boost in sales! Would you love to achieve similar success with your business? Has your beauty business successfully reached its growth point but do you worry that your business is making just enough. Are your struggling to  break  through  the ceiling and sales are seeming stagnant? If you are stuck wondering what to do and don’t know how to develop your business further now is the time to get expert help to get your business to scale up!

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