The FORMULA to Quickly Grow Your Business

Updated: May 21, 2020

Growing any business comes down to applying a few simple ‘business growth practices’ to your business. The foundation of everything we do to help businesses grow quickly is by using a proven foundational system called ‘The FORMULA’. Download the 1-Page explanation here

It has 5 key components. ( T × L × C × M )S = EXPONENTIAL BUSINESS GROWTH

Every sales and marketing tactic and strategy we give fits in one of these 5 key components.


To start with you need to TRANSFORM the results and performance of EVERY sales and marketing strategy you’re CURRENTLY using and those you add in the future. To do this you must deploy 9 ‘Core Elements' of which DO NOT cost a single penny to incorporate into your sales and marketing strategies.


The lifeblood of every business is its ability to generate a constant supply of leads or enquiries. Without leads, you can’t acquire clients, customers or patients. So you need to add as many cost-effective and proven lead -generation tactics and strategies as you can – the more the better.


Just being able to generate a constant flow of leads isn’t enough. Once you’ve acquired them, you now need to convert as many of those leads as possible into paying clients, customers or patients. You do that using a number of conversion tactics and strategies that will maximise your return on investment on all your lead-generation tactics and strategies.


Once you’ve acquired the client, customer or patient, you then need to maximise their value. This is done through: Increasing frequency of purchase, increasing referrals, increasing order values and reducing attrition


However, to take your growth to an even higher level and accelerate your growth even faster, you need to systemise and then automate these four elements.

Our business mentoring and consultancy services cover the 5 components of the FORMULA used by over 26,000 businesses across the world. We advise on what you can do and HOW you can fix all these areas for achievable and sustainable growth. We mentor you every step of the way and will stay by your side until you achieve the results that YOU are aiming for.

Contact us NOW to find out more on how we can help you to increase your business growth through simple sales and marketing strategies

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