Returning to Work Tips for the Beauty Industry

After around 3 months in lockdown, small steps to return to life as normal seem to be underway, which means the eventual reopening of many beauty destinations. Though working from home is being encouraged, for salons, spa's and clinics that isn't possible. Here we have compiled some suggestions to prepare you and your team for returning to work in the near future!

Keeping yourself and your customers safe with PPE

Ensuring you have the correct PPE equipment is going to be of the upmost importance when opening back up after lockdown for not only your own safety, but the safety of your customers. Though as of yet there are no exact government regulations on the specific equipment you will need, you will largely be expected to be required to use; Medical Grade Gloves, Surgical Masks and Disposable Aprons. You will also need to consider whether you are asking your clients to arrive wearing their own PPE equipment, or if you will be providing it for them and if so what specific PPE you will be providing and how much that is going to cost. Are you going to be including PPE in the price of the appointment or will customers be charged an additional fee to cover the cost of providing the equipment? The cost of PPE is around £3-£5 per person so that is something you need to take into consideration. Whichever way you choose to go about the use of PPE, it is important to be fully prepared and ensure all customers and staff are made clearly aware of the guidelines and requirements.

Reducing Appointments and Social Distancing

Though I am sure you will have many customers eager to visit you, now is the time to think about how you are going to be able to operate safely and take into account social distancing where possible. Prohibiting walk-ins, adding waiting lists and updating the service hours are all brilliant ways to reduce risk of overcrowding whilst still ensuring that you are still keeping your customers happy and seen! Staff working shorter shifts but switching regularly, therefore reducing the amount of staff working at the same time whilst allowing the hours worked to be equal is another way to ensure your staff are working as much as they can, in as safe a way as possible. Making sure you give enough time in-between clients to properly clean and disinfect the area will also be very important.

Pre-Appointment Survey to ensure safety

Rather than having people come in for a consultation, it is going to be far more beneficial to consult your clients prior to their appointments over Zoom or FaceTime. This means you are reducing any unnecessary time that the client needs to be present for and making better use of your staffs time. You can also use this survey as a pre-appointment check to make sure your customers don't have any symptoms to put your other customers and staff at risk.

Business is not as usual: how do you ensure growth?

Though you might feel like business should go back to normal, this is not a normal situation. You'll find that your usual business tactics might have less immediate effect as the population is slowly recovering from the economic effects of the pandemic. To continue to grow your business you have to be smart and create new strategies that will accelerate your growth, even in harder times.

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