Problems Salon Owners and Barbers Face

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

In a world where first impressions count, the same could not be truer for businesses. New businesses are opening every day, specialising in the latest clean beauty treatments, and the bar has never been higher. There is competition everywhere, and it is only getting harder to survive in the current climate.

Due to the current circumstances, salons and barbers have experienced a slump like never before. As life starts to return to normal, there is a lot to think about. From PPE to maintaining hygiene, all whilst ensuring appointments are being taken up and there is a healthy cash flow.

The time to rebrand, change, and inject some life into your business going forward is now!

This is where Diadem Business Consulting comes in!

Social Media

With the increased usage of social media during lockdown, and mobile treatments becoming increasingly popular, customers are being made aware of alternative places, people and treatments.

By ensuring your social media accounts are active and engaging, you are giving your business a strong online presence and therefore the ability to reach unlimited potential customers. Ensuring it is possible for appointments to be booked online and enabling customers to clearly view your services via Instagram and your website allows you to attract new business whilst also encouraging your current customer base to make a booking.

It is time to be Innovative

It is no longer enough to just have a pretty shopfront and good customer service. Business has never been so competitive, it is important to stay up to date with all the latest trends and continuously come out with new and exciting services and marketing strategies.

Sites such as Treatwell allow customers to book appointments directly through the app without any contact with the actual establishment. Every day there are new ways to connect with customers. Business who do not adapt will suffer as a result.

Scaling Up

Businesses such as barber shops and salons will be forced to reduce the number of customers in their establishment at any one time. Unlike retail, where it is possible to sell both online and in-store, barbers and salons have to provide face-to-face-service.

The best way to increase revenue is to ensure that the customers are spending more money. This can be via more expensive treatments or by up-selling with additional products or services.

With new treatments being made available it is important to market the services effectively. You may not have the skill set or knowledge to carry such marketing out whilst running a business at the same time. This is why it is extremely important to be open to learning and investing in your business if you want to achieve growth.


In some cases, barber shops and salons are located right next to each other, offering similar services. So how does the customer choose? And more importantly... how do they stay?

Differentiating yourself from your competition is a big issue many businesses face, from prices to customer service, to being unique when compared to other establishments.

As a new business, if you open up at a location which has a competitor nearby who has already built up a loyal client base, how will you compete and thrive?

Customer Service

Having great customer service ties into having great staff. It is of paramount importance that a barber shop or salon are consistently providing excellent service whilst also keeping employees happy. Ideas on how to maintain employees may vary, starting from creating a healthy work environment, competitive pay, investing in their training and advancement in their skills.

Where can business owners learn all these skills?

That’s where Diadem can help.

We offer the world’s first scale up business mentoring programme for clean beauty companies – so naturally, you will get first class service.

The brand-new Scale Up Programme, worth £25,000 offers uncapped learning potential. Starting your business is only half of the battle, now it is up to you to ensure it survives and flourishes in the long-term.

This amazing package promises to accelerate the growth cycle of high-growth potential businesses as well as compressing years of learning into just 12 Months.

Below you can find some amazing support and services that are included:

- Weekly 1-2-1 (online) mentoring sessions with a personal growth mentor

- 24/7 access to resources in our online Vault

- Weekly training covering over 50 business tactics and strategies to scale up growth

- Guidance in formulating a tailored growth Accelerate Plan

- Monthly Business Roadmap

- Monthly sales and profits business calculation

- Monthly marketing makeovers

- Access to exclusive business events

- Regular programme webinars and expert masterclasses

- Opportunity to sell products on an exclusive luxury online retail channel

- Various Clean Beauty business networking opportunities

- Quarterly market reports and regular industry news/insights

- Beauty industry resources

- Digital Marketing expertise

You have up until the 3rd of July to apply and spaces are limited!

Click here to apply

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