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May in Perspective: A Word from our Founder

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

In the month of May, we set to push forward as a pioneer in clean beauty brand consultancy and business mentoring through rebranding ourselves further. This is a strategic process that is time consuming and takes a lot of careful planning. Our marketing team have gone through extensive efforts to carry us through a successful phased transition and we are proud of our new look and brand message. All our marketing communication through our website, blog and social media channels - LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - have reflected our current mission and long-term vision of exclusively serving businesses in the Clean Beauty sector and proudly move forward with this global trend and the future of beauty.

Our team is expanding as the work of Diadem continues to grow. The extension of our organisational structure has created a working environment that makes us look forward even more to being at our physical location in Dover Street, London. The remote working has encouraged greater collaborative work across the board and strengthened our value of knowing that there is no ‘i’ in team.

Immediate results of our Mentoring Programmes

Our clients undertaking the Mentorship Programmes have all reported growth in their businesses. We attribute the jump in sales, increased leads and improved marketing that they all have found to the individual commitment of mentees, the adherence to their personal Accelerate Plan, the online resources we provide and the continued support of the team of Growth Mentors. Their growth reports are evidence that our robust and results-driven programmes provide a workable blueprint that any health/beauty business at any business life stage can follow to achieve accelerated growth.

The Beauty Business Fix (BB Fix) remains the leading Programme - followed for a course of 12-weeks - as it provides foundation level business skills training. BB Fix is the recommended start off point to our mentoring programmes as it leads business owners to understanding key business growth fundamentals that extend Marketing, Lead Generation, Sales, Customer Value and implementing Automated Systems. We celebrate all our mentees' business turnarounds in May and look forward to sharing more of their testimonials in the upcoming month.

Helping international brands grow in the UK

At Diadem Business Consulting, we also offer bespoke consultancy services to both health and beauty brands and businesses looking for our expertise to develop their business further. May saw us continuing this offering and welcoming new clients. Our online Retail Ready check has proven to be a most valuable resource for international beauty brands looking for their route to market in the U.K. We strongly encourage brands from overseas to undergo this comprehensive online check as a preliminary step before fully engaging in our U.K. retail introductions and Country/Brand Management services. This check ascertains the degree of compliance a brand has in relation to U.K./EU cosmetics regulations. As we are still in Brexit transition, there is no information available regarding the continued or discontinued use of EU Cosmetics compliance. All our clients will continue to be advised to follow current U.K./EU regulations until new information is released.

In addition to supporting businesses through the current pandemic, we wish to further support businesses not largely represented by Diadem Business Consulting. In light of the Black Lives Matter events, we are appealing to all health/beauty brand and business owners from the Afro-Caribbean community from all corners of the world to get in touch with us to either take part in our Mentorship Programmes or NEW and Exclusive Scale Up Programme. Find out more about Mentoring here and the soon to launch Scale Up Programme here. We understand that many members from this ethnic community may have suffered from various types of discrimination and lack of growth and retail opportunities and we would like to stand as a company that proactively assists businesses affected by certain disadvantages or experienced marginalisation.

Our team of experts are readily available to discuss your growth and development opportunities as a Clean Beauty brand or business currently, or seeking to, market in the UK. In addition to Natural Organic and Vegan beauty expertise, we also have K-Beauty and Halal Beauty Specialist Consultants who can mentor and consult your business for accelerated growth and success. Book our signature Discovery Call here in where you can arrange to talk to any member of the team or request to contact me directly about your business.

Wishing all our existing, new and prospective clients a successful June!

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