Life As A Beauty Entrepreneur 101

In our first 101 series, we spoke of the loneliness and isolation many beauty entrepreneurs can feel when embarking on their journey. In this series, we want to show you exactly how you can find a mentor with the knowledge and experience in your industry.

Although sometimes the relationship can form organically, it may be rather optimistic to hope that the perfect mentor will fall in your lap - you have to get up and be proactive!

How to find a mentor in your industry:

1. Attend upcoming industry events.

Attending industry events, such as the Professional Beauty London Trade Show

17th - 18th October 2021, is a fantastic way to get out, meet new people and build valuable connections.

Connecting with people at events takes away the cold feeling an email or call could possibly have on its own. Attending events allows you to open a dialogue, even if it’s brief, with the person you are interested in having as a mentor and you can then begin to expand on that relationship.

2. Join a professional association/network

Professional associations are committed to furthering a particular industry or profession and can be the perfect place to find a mentor.

Joining an industry-specific association such as the Professional Beauty Association (PBA), provides members with valuable resources, support and connections to elevate and grow careers in the industry. All whilst having access to a network of stylists, makeup artists, manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, salons, spas and more!

3. Enrol on a mentorship programme

Having a set programme with an industry mentor guarantees growth and progression in your journey as a beauty entrepreneur.

Our tailored mentorship programmes provide you with the business essentials toolkit you need to take your beauty business to the next level. A specialised team with over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, we are here to equip you with the tools necessary to grow and scale up your business for ultimate success.

Diadem pro tip: Your mentor doesn’t have to be someone you know. We are industry professionals who specialise in beauty business mentoring and are determined to see your success. Our 1-2-1 industry-specific mentoring supported by accredited e-learning makes us the people you can trust to take your beauty business to the next level.

Enrol on our mentorship programmes today

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