June in Perspective: A Word From Our Founder

Right now, none of us has the benefit of knowing exactly how the commercial landscape will evolve in the next few months, nor what it will look like thereafter. What we do know is the vast majority of businesses will have to adapt to survive in the near term, and to go on to prosper again in the medium term. As in every crisis, there are some who will find their products and services in high demand in the emergency but even these will have to plan well to ensure they can maintain momentum when things return to ‘normality’. For most of us, once we understand the realities of where we stand, we will need all our collective experience, expertise and resources to help each other overcome some tough challenges.

June has been an all-round challenging month for many business owners. Diadem operated on its ‘survival Plan’ in the month but still managed to service over 37 clients in over 25 countries across North America, UK, parts of Europe and small regions in Africa, Asia and Australia. A survival plan is vital for any business as any business looking to rebuild needs to understand that “standing still is not an option”. We felt it was the month that we needed to devote quality time to what is coming next as we believe that the businesses which will prosper again will be those preparing NOW. They will be reconfirming (or quite likely redefining) their Target Markets. then re-evaluating their products and services to ensure the best alignment.

Re-opening beauty businesses in the UK

We are committed to doing our very best to help small business owners grow and develop and moreso after health and beauty businesses begin to officially reopen as of Friday July 4th. The much anticipated reopening of businesses in the health and beauty industry brings both anxieties and new rules. We aim to support businesses owners by providing latest government advice and guidelines regarding new health and safety protocols and keeping our clients and mentees informed of industry changes through our network with the British Beauty Council.

We are optimistic about the reopening of health and beauty businesses in the UK and as such we believe that there will be an increase in demand for business mentoring and consultancy services. Looking at how the competitive landscape has changed, we sought to differentiate our offerings, seeking ‘value adds’ to maximise opportunity areas. The announcement of our Scale Up Programme is evidence of that in where we felt that business owners needed a growth accelerator programme that gave them proven ways to generate sales and boost business growth to launch out of the pandemic. We have designed a programme that provides resources and support to ensure the health and beauty business owners only benefit from effective tactics and strategies to help navigate the changing economy, and prepare for future unforeseen events.

Unlike other Scale Up programmes that require applicants to make considerable upfront financial outlays or pay fixed monthly fees to commence and continue on the programme, we are able to offer this exclusive programme at a small fee on sign up to cover various administrative costs that include registration, e- documentation and participant set up on online platforms. We believe this is the best way we can show and give support to businesses seeking professional business help to recover from the effects of covid and will allow businesses to get up and restart-up (More details about the programme can be found here)

Looking forward to starting our Scale-up Programme

Admissions for our Scale Up programme began mid June and registration is open throughout July. We have seen registrations from the UK and EU and US which is very exciting for us! The programme does not include nor require residential sessions and is fully supported by online learning. Being digitally inclined means we can reach and ‘meet up’ weekly with any applicant from across the world through our telephone, online meeting and conferencing technologies. 

The BBSUP is a modular programme that allows you to continue to run your business while you participate. Split into weekly learning blocks, each week has a set module to learn, implement and test the business principles and strategies that lead to immediate improvements.  The programme has been designed to be easy to follow irrespective of your sales and marketing experience. By following our 5-point system for success and with the support of your Business Growth Mentor, we guarantee your business growth by following over 55 modules included in the programme Participants take advantage of a full year of training, support and resources including:

  • Weekly 1-2-1 (online) mentoring sessions with a personal growth mentor

  • 24/7 access to resources in our online Vault

  • Weekly training covering over 50 business tactics and strategies to scale up growth 

  • Guidance in formulating a tailored growth Accelerate Plan

  • Monthly Business RoadMap

  • Access to exclusive business events

  • Regular programme webinars and expert masterclasses

  • Opportunity to sell products on an exclusive luxury online retail channel

  • Various Clean Beauty business networking opportunities

  • Quarterly market reports and regular industry news/insights

  • Beauty industry resources

  • Digital Marketing expertise 

  • ...and much more!

Find out now what you will achieve being on the programme

Moving forward into July

Our marketing content in July will bring more about 'Clean Beauty' and Health and will see the introduction of practical ideas for the near term. We aim to provide more business tips and advice on our social media channels that hinge on the reality we all must face and importance of being creative and flexible to adapt or reinvent our offerings to be in a strong position during this period of recovery. One thing we know for sure is that when trade starts to develop once again the competitive situation is going to be intense and whilst it may be difficult to understand or not feel like the time for “re-invention”, be absolutely assured that those wanting to be in a strong position for the recovery will start to take action now.

In our knowledge and experiences, businesses’ survival will be determined by how effectively they communicate these new offerings to their new and current client base (many of whom have disengaged through the crisis) and also adopting new business strategies in order to avoid their clients being stolen by faster-moving competitors who have upscaled their marketing. The upcoming month at Diadem will therefore have a core focus on Mentoring options through our our 12 week programmes and the new 12 month accelerated growth Beauty Business Scale Up Programme to support business owners who are ready to re-launch and get their business back in shape. We aim to reach more countries and help more businesses develop sustainable growth in July and beyond

Wishing all our current, new and prospective clients a successful reopen and sure start to business recovery

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