How Your Health or Beauty Brand will Grow with a Mentor

GROWTH is the ultimate objective for any entrepreneur in this highly competitive industry. For you to be successful, you need someone who is experienced in business, passionate about beauty and to give you expert guidance on how to reach your business goals. So you've heard of a Mentor or a Business Coach but have you been wondering exactly how they can help you and what happens under mentoring? There are many mentors out there who carry out 'mentoring' but they don't have a system or step-by-step programme to help you and your brand grow. Here is how you can grow under a Mentorship Programme

Mentorship Programmes provide you with all the tools you need to take your business to the next level. Perfect for those business owners who are hands-on and eager to learn. Whether you're an established brand in the Health and Beauty industry or just starting out, you can take your pick out of our 4 programmes to find the one that fits your current business perfectly.

All Programmes include full access to our online business academy and 1-2- 1 mentoring sessions with your dedicated Beauty Business Mentor Your Business Mentor will help you create your Accelerate Growth Plan (your personal business plan) which sets your business goals and targets for the duration of the programme. You will be coached by your mentor via telephone and/or video meeting platforms such as Zoom and set a results-driven strategy (or Business RoadMap) to GROW your business and will really work well depending on the 5 following things

1. How much time you spend on growing your Beauty Business

Mentoring programmes tend to take place over a short period of time - in our case, a minimum of 12 weeks. Control of the programme’s progress is largely in the hands of the business owner, who can pinpoint specific areas of improvement they wish to focus on along the way. Due to the self-paced nature of the programme, mentees can decide how much time they wish to commit. It is also generally possible to continue with other, non-business-related commitments during a Mentoring programme - some mentees even have full-time jobs!

2. How much effort you can put toward the growth of your Beauty Business

All 4 programmes require considerable personal effort, dedication and commitment from the business owner. A Mentoring programme offers participants more autonomy, with support and guidance available as and when needed. They will work with their mentor on the specific areas of their business they believe to be in most desperate need of improvement.

3. How much support you need to achieve your business goals

Mentoring programmes offer great levels of support: professional business assistance and industry-specific advice. Both feature an online Vault containing a wealth of useful resources, including many how-to guides. Participants in both programmes can take advantage of full online support including telephone assistance and video conferencing with their personal 1-to-1 business mentor, meaning we can accept applicants from anywhere in the world.

On the Mentoring programme, participants typically speak to their mentor on a monthly basis to track their progress, but can also benefit from additional interim support as and when required.

4. What the end goal is for you and your Beauty Business

The end goal of a Mentoring programme is for mentees to grow their business by learning how to efficiently manage the specific problem areas they were initially struggling with.

The mission of the Mentorship programmes are for participants to see their business experience staged growth for turnaround results and also lead business owners to investors, retail opportunities and help them expand to market.

5. How to see results soon

All programmes ultimately help entrepreneurs grow their business. How quickly you see results, however, depends on you. Think of mentoring as an investment. The more you invest in your mentoring programme the more you get out of it. Work WITH your mentor - tell them what you want to achieve and how quickly you want to go. Their job is to be your accountability partner and be of support to get you there. The sooner you apply the business principles shared by your mentor and follow your strategic plan under their expert guidance, the sooner you see results! This is also a sure proof way to cross-check the success of your programme - a genuine, targeted mentorship programme will have you seeing results within a short period of time, and that is what we guarantee

Serious entrepreneurs know the value of a mentor. And that's how they will see results soon

Ready to grow your health or beauty brand? Read more about our range of results-driven Mentorship Programmes and start your journey to taking your business to the next level

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