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Discover Halal Beauty: cruelty-free, vegan and part of the clean beauty movement!

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

You’ve probably heard of the Halal cosmetics industry by now. In short, it simply means cosmetic or personal care products that cannot use any animal products - specifically pork derivatives - or alcohol in their formulation and ensuring ingredients are clean and cruelty-free. Although the halal cosmetics industry has attracted the Muslim population, it is not just limited to this audience, but open to anybody who wants to use chemical-free organic products, i.e. it’s suitable for vegetarians, vegans, and for those who have sensitive skin.

How do I know if a brand is Halal?

Most Halal products have a ‘Halal certified’ sticker on them, if not, you can look at the back of the product to avoid ingredients such as:

 - Carmine: Red pigment that comes from Cochineal (crushed beetles) and is often used to make red lipstick.

- Keratin: A natural protein from animals that is used to treat hair

- Oleic Acid, Lanolin alcohol and gelatine (Ingredients that come from animals)

- Animal fat: Glycerine that is often extracted from pork fat (a stearic acid)

How Halal beauty is conquering the beauty industry

In case you haven’t heard, the global Halal cosmetics market will be worth $52.02Bn by 2025 registering a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.3% according to Grand View Research, Inc.

It’s forecasted to grow significantly in the Latin America, Middle East and Africa (LAMEA) region where there is a high purchasing power and demand for Halal-certified products.

Research has shown the Muslim population are more than willing to pay premium price for Halal-certified beauty products due to the limited choices they have in the current market. It’s forecasted that skincare will be the fastest growing product in the Halal cosmetics industry, followed by makeup being the second biggest segment.

Our consultants are keeping a close eye on the Halal cosmetics industry to keep up to date with trends, so we can help our clients with bespoke consulting regarding this industry. Read more about our Consulting services here.

Halal beauty and clean beauty: more alike than you think!

Halal cosmetics is growing so rapidly because people are now becoming aware that it does not just apply to Muslim women, but also to those who are now becoming more health conscious and have made a lifestyle change into cruelty-free, Ayurvedic and clean beauty. According to Dinar Standard, a growth strategy research and advisory firm focusing on the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation countries said, “Halal increasingly speaks to a wider, health-conscious consumer base seeking a holistic approach to their beauty and wellbeing products, including “all natural” products free from unwanted chemicals...and also resonates with consumers, often in the younger age range, looking for vegan, natural, organic and ethically sourced products.”

What are the Halal beauty brands to watch?

Some popular Halal beauty brands to look out for:

- Farsali 

- Amara Halal Cosmetics

Glow by Claudia Nour

Iba Halal Care

INIKA Organics  

Sampure Minerals 

SO.LEK Cosmetics

Talent Cosmetics Korea

Tuesday In Love

PHB Ethical Beauty

Do you own a Halal beauty brand or would you like to know more about how catering to the Halal cosmetics industry can help grow your business? Our team of beauty industry experts is ready to discuss opportunities with you! Book a free Discovery Call with one of our consultants and let's have a chat!

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