Beauty Buying For Your Business And How To Make A Success Of It

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in learning about beauty buying for your business, or just in general for your own knowledge. The rule of thumb for beauty buying is to simply know your audience. In most retail environments, whether it be fashion, beauty or fragrance, it is key to have industry knowledge of your niche target area, understand retail management skills and be up to date with the latest trends in order to survive multi-brand retail environments.

Below is a brief summary of everything you need to know about retail beauty buying.

Knowing the trends in your target niche

This is crucial. As a beauty business owner, you need to know what consumers are spending their money on, and to follow in that path. It’s easy to assume what the consumers will like certain products based on what we personally like, but research is so important. Recently, personalisation has grown immensely in the beauty world as this makes the consumer feel more connected to the product because they’ve added their own touch to the product; so moving forward this is a good feature to add to your services. Similarly, if you own a skincare brand for example, ensure that you have different product ranges for different types of skin in order to appeal to a high-street chain as this shows that you have thought about appealing to different people within your demographic.

Being a natural brand is not enough

I know this sounds contradictory, so let’s break this down. Natural and organic beauty has only become a recent beauty wave in response to synthetic-chemical based beauty products; as well as working towards a greener future. To beauty buyers, this is not enough you need to showcase who your niche is, what your message is and how you are being innovative to meet the demands of your specific target consumer. There are so many clean beauty products on the market, so what makes yours so different? These are some of the questions to think about. For example, many beauty brands use essential oils in their products either for its healing properties or for its natural fragrance, without realising this can sensitize the skin since there aren’t enough clinical reports that show how effective botanical ingredients really are for the skin, which can later cause contact dermatitis. Beauty buyers pick up on fundamental errors like this to see if you’ve really done your research when it comes to cosmetic formulations, so make sure you do enough to stand out.

Does your brand create a buzz?

Ask yourself this question or conduct a short survey to gain honest feedback. Beauty buyers want to see engagement from your loyal following and existing customers. Most beauty buyers will look online at your products and will decide for themselves if they believe who you say you are, so before you write a detailed pitch on your product, ensure everything online matches what you write down. Small errors and discrepancies can make you look dishonest or simply as someone who does not know their brand that well. Add your testimonials, feedback and images where necessary.

It’s all about simplicity

Now that you’ve decided to go ahead and send samples to your store of choice, keep it simple. Include samples from all your product ranges, add an information sheet, explain why their store is important for your brand and why their target consumers can benefit from it. Create a simple package that is visually appealing and ensure they are all properly supported in the delivery process as you do not want the beauty buyers to find broken products once they’ve received it as this can simply create a bad first impression and you might not even hear back.

Overall, the key message is research is important. In light of COVID-19 beauty buyers who operate predominately store based might have temporary hold on purchasing products to get rid of their own stock first, so it might be useful to opt for an online retailer that can promise you the results you are after.

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