5 Beauty Business Success Strategies for 2021

Are you happy with how 2020 turned out for your beauty business? However it may have ended - positively or on a satisfactory note - it can be argued that the previous year has given all an opportunity to learn about themselves and their businesses. 2020 has taken us out of our comfort zones and in a lot of cases, caused us to reinvent our product or service offerings to meet the demands of the economy and environment - this process commonly known as 'pivoting'. With everything you have learnt in the last 9 months and the reality of new UK life post-Brexit, are you ready to shift from surviving to thriving? Now more than ever is the time to build a solid foundation to support even more growth and set the pace for beauty business success in 2021

1. Attend beauty industry seminars

This one is HUGE. Nothing beats getting out of your (home) office and away from your work and actually meeting people face to face, virtually. Virtual seminars, exhibitions and events are here to stay for the forseeable future so get accustomed. You are guaranteed to come away from these events with clients, joint venture partners, and more. Seminars are packed with great information that you are able to put to use in your beauty business, including industry trends, market insights and business tips for a successful 2021

2. Start systemizing your business

Unless you want to be chained to your business night and day, you have got to start systemizing your business. Yes, all businesses should have systems in place, even if you don't have anyone else working for you and you primarily sell products or services. 2020 has taught us that automating as many business activities and operations as much as possible is necessary. Your business should still be able to operate without your manual and day-to-day input and certainly should not be in danger of collapsing should you need to take 2 weeks out for a well-deserved 'vacay' or for general health reasons. The best part is when you do have systems in place, your business suddenly starts running a lot more efficiently and effectively (and you can start sleeping better at night and relaxing on vacation).

3. Outsource

This is a difficult one for hands-on business owners, who want to be part of their business's daily operations. If you don't start hiring some help (even if it is outsourcing some tasks for a few hours or days a week), it is highly likely you won't be able to grow your business beyond a certain point. In line with sytemizing your business and efficiency, you'll be stuck constantly doing time-consuming tasks that may actually not add value to your primary role in your business. Do yourself a favour and get some help...NOW. Hire a project manager to deliver certain business objectives; a digital marketing manager to manage your online and social media marketing. By hiring an expert in their field, work is most likely to be done quicker, in accordance to the business vision and has a higher rate of return. Most importantly, building a team is a big stress reliever

4. Focus on your mindset.

Shifting your mindset away from "part-time or side-hustle" to "business owner" will make a huge difference to your business. Think big, think beyond your business being "just a small business that pays the bills" and get it working for you in other ways. 2020 has proven that stepping out of your comfort zone and adapting new methods to your business makes a difference to where you stand. Take risks, be bold and really take ownership of what you have. Being successful in the beauty industry takes tenacity, a competitive spirit and being sensitive to industry changes. As soon as you make that mental shift, success is on its way

5. Hire a beauty business mentor or coach.

This may be a tough decision to make, but you'll be really glad if you do. It's difficult to see your business objectively and spot business opportunities, so having a neutral observer on your beauty business and/or your team is extremely valuable. Having a mentor can help you get out of your own way and provide business-specific insights to propel your business for further growth and success.

Need help on creating a 2021 success strategy for your beauty business? At Diadem Business Consulting we can help you with both your inner game (your habits and mindset) and your outer game (your skills and business structure) in order to develop your business success strategies in 2021. Contact us now to get a FREE business strategy planning consultation to identify your business opportunity areas and scope for growth

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