April in Perspective: a word from our Founder

Updated: May 21, 2020

The biggest shift to have taken place in April was the decision to change our business focus from serving all independent beauty brands to Clean Beauty. Clean beauty has a place in our team's heart and fits with our personal and collective ideas. We want to do more for ethical beauty and want to turn our leading beauty brand consultancy into one specialising in natural, organic and vegan k-beauty brands, as well as other clean beauty business categories.

Expanding our Consulting services

In this transition we have expanded our bespoke Consulting services and extended our internal expertise. This has made professional Sales & Lead Generation assistance and Marketing, PR & Social Media consulting available for us and businesses looking to grow in the exciting Clean Beauty niche. Adding to our core Retail Brand Development service, these additional services have been adopted to meet client demand driven by the current economic climate. Recruitment for health and beauty personnel is also new service we offer. We anticipate the need for qualified health and beauty personnel will grow to meet upcoming needs of clean beauty business owners in the very near future.

Launch of our Mentorship programmes

We have found that in our general analysis of our client's journey that the key differences between Mentoring and Consulting can sometimes be unclear and the understanding that mentoring itself is not exclusive to startups. Mentoring is of great benefit to both new and established businesses and although it may still be a relatively new concept, business mentoring can help your Beauty Business grow.

The launch of our Mentorship Programmes this month has found great success.

Our 4 exclusive programmes were designed to address the major problems faced at different life stages of your business:

The BB FIX(Beauty Business Fix) is our introductory programme suited to startups or those new to business looking to understand and apply the fundamentals of growing a business.

Business Booster is a step-up to BB FiX, which has a highly concentrated focus on solving lead generation and marketing problems faced by trading businesses. The programme also covers general guidance in other areas including sales, customer relationship management and the importance of automating business processes.

The Facelift targets businesses that have been in the industry for a considerable amount of time and have experienced difficulties in modernising their business. This programme provides support and guidance to transform a business to be fully adapted to the digital age of the beauty industry.

Permanence by Diadem is the ultimate programme for the savvy business owner that wants to remain competitive and become iconic. To create and sustain an existence that travels through time. Mixing over 55 proven tactics and strategies to drive exponential growth, Permanence by Diadem is the all-inclusive programme for the business that needs to prove its positioning in the marketplace for potential investors or business specific scale up objectives.

We thank and welcome both new and existing clients in this new month, hoping for the safety and wellness of all as we continue to navigate the current global circumstances. We wish every client success in May and hope that all will be met with growth and opportunity.

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