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All about BB Fix: smooth out any imperfections in your Beauty Business!

Updated: May 21, 2020

BB Fix is our entry level mentorship programme and has all the tools and information you will need to prep and prime your business, even out your companies complexion and smooth any business bumps or imperfections! Brighten up the areas of your business that are looking a little dull & lacklustre, protect your business from future issues or damage and understand the ingredients that go into a healthy, successful and thriving beauty company!

In this 12-week programme you will brush up on your skills in marketing, lead generation, sales conversion, maximizing customer value and ultimately maximizing your profits. These boosted growth strategies will show you instant results!

Throughout the programme you will be provided with a personal business mentor to assist you with the process and ensure you are getting the full value of all the information provided. Your personal business mentor knows what you're going through because they're seasoned professionals with experience in the beauty industry. They are there every step of the way and just a call away if you need some extra help!

It is time to take full control of your business' future and gather the tools to ensure 2020 is a year of success and growth for your company - let us help you get there!

Check out some of our recent feedback...!

"It's excruciatingly fantastic! I thought I was doing a great job with my business but I realised that I do not have many systems in place. When you write down all the things you are doing and work with the Accelerate Plan, you see exactly what you are not doing and it's absolutely shocking! This is making me pull my socks up. I love the accountability and I'm enjoying it."

 - Sales Director (Scotland) Erica W. - Mary Kay

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