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Adapting Your Beauty Business For Success During COVID - 19

Updated: May 28, 2020

Are You Worried About How the Coronavirus Pandemic Will Affect Your Beauty Business?

The impact of the worldwide pandemic is widespread in every industry and it's set to change the way we live our lives long term. This includes how we choose to spend our money as well as developing new trends within the beauty industry.

Here are some of our top tips and areas to focus on during these times to ensure your business continues to thrive during Covid-19;

Connect with your Customers

Take this time to build stronger relationships with your customer base and learn a little more about what your audience want to see. During these times consumers are looking towards brands to show empathy, relevancy, integrity and & adaptability. Show your customers that you are an ethical brand who cares about their customers well-being and opinions. Engage your audience on social media with questions, polls and quizzes or take more time to speak to and check up in your clients or customers. Can't work out how you can best benefit your customers in these difficult times? Whatever your business life stage, be it startup, trading or established, we offer a range of proven business strategies in Our Mentoring Programmes that include in-depth guidance on developing effective customer contact strategies that guarantee profits while Maximising Customer Value

Embrace The Internet

Screen time is up substantially since lockdown laws were enforced. Everyone is looking online for all their entertainment, information and shopping needs. Now more than ever, it is important to be relevant and engaging online, keeping your current audience engaged and welcoming new potential customers. Our Marketing training module featured in our Mentoring Programmes takes you through 9 key elements of effective marketing to reach your targeted audience in order to generate more sales during this time. Not sure how to stay relevant and continue generating leads through an array of different online marketing strategies? Why not ask for help from our friendly Marketing and Social Media Consultants who are experienced with perfecting and implementing effective marketing strategies.

At Home Beauty Alternatives

With salons and spas temporarily closed, customers are looking for at home alternatives for their beauty needs. How can your customers use your products/ brand to replace their usual professional treatments? Point them to products which can allow them to have a mini-facial experience, a salon-like brilliant hair treatment mask or a refreshing body exfoliator that can make them feel they have visited your spa therapy rooms. In the Sales & Lead Generation modules of our Mentorship Programmes we cover how to adapt your sales technique to increase profits when selling to your customers.

Prepare, Grow & Learn

This is the perfect time to refocus and work on the core of your business: reflect on your strategy and decide where you want to take your company. Prepare your business for the future and ensure you are ready to take on whatever challenges are thrown at you. We have some amazing Mentorship Programmes to help you brush up on your skills and take your beauty business to the next level! CHECK THEM OUT HERE.

Need some help to achieve AMAZING RESULTS? Our team of beauty business experts are on hand to help your business thrive and are always available to answer any questions or concerns you have about your business. Book a FREE DISCOVERY CALL today to find out more about how we can help your business survive and grow!

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