5 Ways To Boost Your Beauty Clinic

Opening a clinic is a great opportunity to increase your client base and boost your revenue as a beauty professional, however both are almost impossible to attain without a strong and well-thought-out business strategy. Many beauty clinics struggle in building their business as there are often certain elements that are overlooked in their strategy or not refined regularly to hold a sustainable and profitable business. This article highlights the five key ways to boost your beauty clinic from forming business partnerships and establishing client relationships to creating your own cosmeceutical brand.

1. Open Up Clinic or Partner

Some clients prefer to visit a beauty clinic for professional treatments so it is worth considering opening up your own clinic in a good location. This may initially seem as a large and unaffordable overhead, however being in a clinic means you are able to charge higher prices than you would running your business as a mobile practitioner. Even if you are not in a position to own or rent a commercial property for your business, it is possible to rent a room within a beauty establishment or form a partnership. Often similar types of businesses want to work with beauty professionals who can offer Botox and Dermal Fillers treatments, and they can generate a steady stream of leads for you. You can choose to pay to rent the room or give them a share of your income. It is perfectly acceptable to set up more than one clinic under this type of arrangement.

2. Clinic and Brand Discovery

Your clinic's brand is what truly distinguishes you amongst your competitors and helps in the discovery of potential clients. Although a brand is an intangible asset that is difficult to measure, when properly promoted, it can become quite profitable and increase sales at a low cost per purchase. Begin by investing time in your brand awareness if your clinic is just getting started or if your finances are limited. Work on defining your company's brand on digital platforms such as your webpage, blog posts, and social media, with an emphasis on uniformity and engagement. Outsource these profit-building activities if you cannot do them yourself or in-house. As budgets for smaller clinics may be a little more limited, the increase in client volume may be small and gradual. It is still important to note however, that whatever investment in marketing and brand development you can make, will make a difference in boosting your beauty clinic.

3. Establish Client/Customer Relationships

A referral program that provides a discount to family and friends of loyal clients, and also a little bounce-back to your clients, can be a great way to keep marketing expenses for creating brand awareness down and help establish client or customer relationships. Further, hosting fee-based virtual skincare events or at-home online consultations are excellent ways to gain direct interaction with existing and prospective clients or customers and boost your beauty clinic. Both referral systems and virtual services help increase and, establish a loyal client population, also creating a 'buzz' about your beauty clinic.

4. Consistently Evaluate Your Business

In order to maintain a successful beauty clinic, it is important to consistently evaluate your business. As well as adopting a critical eye over your marketing materials, website and social platforms, analysing your in-clinic experience can assist in recognising any disconnect with clients or customers. Adjusting your business to satisfy clients can help to boost brand awareness and establish an authentic brand image supported by client feedback, online reviews, and word-of-mouth suggestions. Understanding client perceptions and experiences about your beauty clinic can provide opportunities for growth and improvement, creating a positive effect on your business. You can also hire a consultant to conduct business health check ups and provide solutions for problems identified in your beauty clinic.

5. Create Your Own Cosmeceutical Brand

According to Cosmetics Europe, Europe is home to the largest cosmetic market in the world. Valued at EUR €76.7 billion in 2020, the industry continues to grow at an unprecedented rate steered by long-standing global beauty giants and agile, small independent beauty brands. In this highly competitive market, cosmeceuticals stand as a hidden gem that in the past remained behind beauty clinic doors. there has been a rise in popularity of medical grade skincare for at -home use. Science driven and advanced skincare offered by brands such as Augustinus Bader, Skinceuticals, MZ Skin, present beauty consumers proven formulas with cutting-edge technology synonymous with in-clinic professional skincare. With the pandemic affecting beauty service businesses and providing future uncertainty, creating and selling a range of cosmeceutical products provides a market opportunity for business owners of beauty clinics

Are you a beauty clinic looking for ways to boost your business? Contact our specialist consultant to discuss developing your business strategy, branding, marketing and starting a cosmeceutical brand.

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