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10 Mistakes Beauty Businesses Make With Their Digital Marketing

Firstly, it’s important to note there are different types of ‘beauty businesses’ depending on what that means to you. From our end, we will collectively be talking about cosmetic, aesthetics and broader divisions within the beauty industry that apply to all but not limited to one specific service. In this segment we will highlight the common mistakes beauty business make with their digital marketing, and what you can do from today make new changes.

1) Social content of poor quality 

In this day and age there is no excuse to have poor quality content. It’s the very first thing that people look at and judge you by. If you take on an approach with no strategy and brand identity you can lose your audience. To mitigate this, plan your content and choose images that suit your market, either through images that are not copyrighted or by taking them yourself. Be conscious of the language you employ as well as presentation, colour schemes and general format of content, i.e. layout. People make choices on whether or not to follow your based on the quality of your social media posts. Look back on your website, critique it and make the necessary changes.

2) A website that is not user friendly

It’s been proven that 85% of your users will use your website through their mobile devices so it’s important that you design your website with that in mind, and always ensure mobile optimisation! If your customers have a bad experience with you they will inevitably turn to your competitors. To mitigate this design your mobile experience/layouts first as most people will access your business page on their mobile devices before their desktops, so take the time to tailor the mobile navigation experience to look after your customers.

3) Poor calls to action

Most beauty businesses ignore the primary reason they even created their website, which is to draw customers, but often fail to put in calls to action. Always make sure that your contact pages are easy to follow. Include your business number(s), address and a point of contact. Consider trialling live chats to the instant ‘text message’ like style to make it an enjoyable experience. Encourage customers to get in touch and make it easy for them, i.e. free call me back options, or simple ‘schedule a booking/service’ option. Try to also include some kind of offer/incentive, i.e. a percentage off if they sign up for example. 

4) Lack of social proof, i.e. reviews and testimonials

Social proof is one of the most important things you need. In a world of social media, proof is everything! By reading other people’s experiences we are more inclined psychologically to pursue that service because we want the same benefits as those who have left their reviews. Social proof can come in the form of images, videos, testimonials, review scores, images of happy customers, whatever fits your business needs. Try and implement this from today.

5) Poor image choices 

Don’t use stock images that have been seen before or any that your competitors use. Most people today are tech savvy and they do their research so don’t source images that are likely to have been seen before. Images are what people judge you on first so be conscious of that. To mitigate this, try and be original and take your own images as this 100% guarantees that you're the only user of that image.   

6) Poor communication and lack of transparency

Some businesses often lack communication and transparency. They often do not detail what their business service is and what you can expect from your money. Often they do not declare their fees (depending on the service) or payment options, i.e. some customers might make a one-off purchase but that company has not declared this is in fact a subscription, which can lead to costumer dissatisfaction. Be clear in everything that involves a customer's data, especially their financial information.

7) Not taking feedback from customers on board

If customers leave feedback, please listen. Listen carefully to all the critique they’re giving you and take it on board. Customers do pay attention and carefully observe your online changes to decide if they want to stick with you or not. If something is not working, try and fix it and tell your customers that you appreciate their feedback and you will take it on board. If they’ve come to you and spent their own hard earned money on your business, then it is your duty to look after them as that is the only way you’ll retail your customers database.

8) Poor choice of marketing colours 

The colour scheme you choose for your business is critical. It’s been proven that consumers make a decision about a product after 90 seconds, so your first impression need the most attention. According to the Institute of Color Research, 90% of product assessment is based on colour alone. When choosing a colour, it is important to think about the target consumer group in mind. Where are they from, how will they interpret the colour, and how will they connect with it emotionally? Don’t forget product packaging and ensure it stands out. Colours represent different values around the world so think about your business target audience in mind all the time when choosing your colour schemes. 

9) No clear business strategy 

If you do not know where you are going with your business then you’re making life easier for your customers or potential customers to look elsewhere. If you are a skincare company for example, state what your future plans are, i.e. if you own facial cleaners be clear on how you’re going to expand on this range. Are you going to make a face mask range? face serum range? Where are you going? Always include your costumers in your business plans/vision so they can stick with you for the journey.

10) No use of automation 

It’s important to create automated experiences for your customers through your website and social media. There are so many different businesses that master these automated experiences, and give their customers the experience they’re looking for and that is to be looked after. To start, make sure when you get an inquiry that you set up an automated email where you thank your customers and tell them you will get back to them. It's so simple, but is often the most forgotten digital marketing tactic.

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