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Accredited Business Courses

New for November 2021

Who is it for?


Everyone who wants to start or starting their own beauty business brand or for individuals at established businesses looking to enhance their skils.

Why Accredited Courses?

In our experiences working with beauty entrepreneurs, we have discovered a skills gap in business knowledge, creating a growth ceiling that many struggle to break. We have curated and launched these courses to support business owners and entrepreneurs to take their brand or business to new heights and by providing accredited courses, you can be assured of high quality and certified learning that will personally develop you as an entrepreneur and positively impact your beauty brand or business.

Gain access to our CPD Accredited Business Courses for essential business skills and training.  Our courses will help you to develop a broad understanding of business and provide the foundations of business success in key areas such as  marketing, customer management, finance,  team communication and business strategy.

    So Why

Is there a time limit to access the courses?

One year access.


How will I study?

You can study whenever you have a block of free time, an internet connection and a suitable device. Whether that is in your lunch break, at home, while commuting or any other time.

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Indivdual Courses

Upon completing a course you will receive

  • CPD Accreditation 

  • Certificate included in each module 

  • Interactive learning 

Courses include:

  • Building an Online Business

  • Advanced Project Management

  • Accounting Skills for New Supervisors

  • And many more...

Our E-Online Courses allow you to gain new valuable skills, improve on overall business knowledge, whilst being time and cost effective. Have a look at our individual courses using the link below.

Courses starting from £15 per course.


Beauty Start-up 

Entry programme to Online Business Academy Recommended for:


  • Start-ups

  • New business owners 

  • Learn the basics and get instant results

  • Clients seeking general improvements across all areas of the business including: Marketing, Sales, Leads Generation, Maximising Customer Value

Organized Desk
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Beauty Business Growth

Intermediary programme to Online Business Academy Recommended for:

  • Post-startup looking for the best route to retail or growth in service business

  • Businesses looking for funding or investors

  • Established trading  businesses looking for a complete business overhaul to remain relevant and continue to stay competitive

Advanced Beauty Entrepreneur 

Advanced level programme recommended for:

  • Established businesses trading over a number of years

  • Business that is struggling to keep up with the times

  • Procedures and processes outdated

  • Business being overtaken by competition

  • Business in great need of transitioning to being online and having a strong social media presence

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