get ready for your uk launch 

Are you looking to launch your beauty brand in the UK but unsure about how to get into this £bn market?


Find out how in the first step to your UK Retail Brand Development by using our simple online UK Retail Ready Check.  


In just 10 minutes, discover if your beauty products are ready for launch in the UK.

Who is the check for?


We are often asked by international beauty brands what they should know about selling their beauty products in the UK. We have created this online exclusive check that highlight and help you with what you need to know and what you need to do in your plans to enter the UK market

Why should I do the check?


For you to sell your beauty products in the UK, you need to follow a few simple steps. This check is the start of your launch and successful retail in the UK. Completing the check helps you find out what things you may have not yet thought about that are necessary for you to sell your products in the UK beauty market.

What is in the check?

This form asks a series of simple Multiple choice and Yes/No questions of which are designed to raise awareness of cosmetic regulations regarding the manufacture, packaging and labelling requirements for launch and sale of your beauty products in the UK. You do not need to upload any documents or any files.   Some example questions are: Do you have a Product Information File? Do your products state country of origin? Have you applied for your EORI number?

Answering all the questions will give you a clear indication of remaining tasks to complete in order to successfully launch your brand in the UK. 

Get Started

What do I do next?

  1. Your  Email Address & Payment are required before you can access the UK Retail Ready Check.

  2. After payment you will receive an email linking you to the check . It is an easy form to fill and takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.  If you need help filling out the form, please contact us +44 (0)2037282808 

What happens after the check?

The check lets you know instantly what things you have left to do for a successful launch and entry  to the UK retail market. If you would like advice after receiving the results of your instant report, please contact us  or telephone +44 (0)203 7282808 so we can assist you

How Do I Pay?

All our services offer Client Buyer Protection for peace of mind when purchasing from outside of the UK/International. For fast, safe and secure payments, use PayPal for all International payments. Click 'Buy Now' to sign in to your PayPal account or use 'Guest Checkout' to use your Debit/Credit Card 

Get Started with the online UK Retail Ready Check now for only £20 / $25 (incl. VAT). This fee is redeemable against any other service you may purchase from us up to 30 days after your  UK Retail Ready Check

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