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"Diadem Business Consulting can help you land your dream job. From interview preparation to upskilling, we can help enhance your employability.”

At Diadem we hold extensive experience in the beauty industry and understand what it takes to succeed in gaining employment in the competitive field. Finding the right job for you can be a challenging process, but with Diadem Recruitment Services we strive to ensure your journey is nothing short of straightforward and reassuring. 

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What We Do

We are specialists in recruitment. Whether you are a student fresh out of college or university, or are looking to excel in your career,  Diadem Recruitment Services can effectively guide you through the pursuit of your ideal profession.


We help you maximise your potential. We provide extensive support to help our candidates successfully obtain employment. From CV assistance, interview preparation, to opportunities to enhance your skill sets, Diadem provides you with the full range of opportunities to elevate your career. 


Not only do we specialise in helping clients obtain full-time employment, we also help those with more flexible employment needs such as freelancing and temporary positions. 

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Why Us 

Finding our candidates the perfect job is our priority. We focus on providing you with an employer that will allow you to flourish in your career. The wellbeing of our candidates is significant to us and so we strive to provide you with a positive employment environment. 


We pride ourselves on high satisfaction rates. Once we help you successfully land employment, our support does not stop there. We provide frequent one-to-one mentoring sessions to ensure that you are fulfilled in your new role. 


Our experience in the beauty industry has allowed us to form significant relationships with top employers in the industry. We provide our job seekers with access to exclusive vacancies. 

 Our Recruitment Process in four simple steps:






Candidates fill out our online form so that we can understand your ideal role and  company. We aim to get back to your enquiries within 72 hours.


Consultation to confirm vacancies that candidates want to apply for. During this consultation we will go over CV’s , offer advice and identify your visions and goals. Due to our fast-track process, in this stage we aim to set you up for an interview with a client.


Candidate preparation stage. Once you have completed the tasks outlined to improve your CV and position to apply for the relevant vacancies. We will review it and prepare you for your upcoming interview by asking you mock interview questions etc.




Upon  successfully 

securing your ideal role, we will provide you with ongoing support. 


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