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Why Should I Take Part in your Mentorship Programmes?

We offer world-class mentoring programmes, expertly created and delivered exclusively for Health and Beauty businesses. In addition to equipping you with core business skills, we share with you multiple sales methods and marketing strategies that are proven to work for products or services and for Business-to-Consumer or Business-to-Business enterprises. Being specialist mentors and consultants in this industry means that you can ask questions and get accurate advice from industry insiders. Sharing our knowledge, insights and invaluable experiences are greatly beneficial to a beauty business looking to grow or scale up. Mentors have the gift of providing emotional support and are always there to be your sounding board, providing direction and motivation for you to reach your business goals.

Where do the Mentorship Programmes take place?

In a world of technological advancement, we too have decided to be more digitally inclined. From the comfort of your own home or place of business and from anywhere across the world, you will be in touch with your mentor for 1-2-1 sessions through video calling technologies such as Zoom or Skype and/or telephone throughout your Mentorship Programme. You will also have access to an online platform filled with written, audio and video resources to support your learning. This way of mentoring is seen as the most effective, time efficient and cost-saving method for both us as a business and you our client.

How do I take part in your Mentorship Programmes?

We have periodic intakes however it is highly advised that you express your interest in taking part in one of our programmes by registering as a Member. As the programmes are in high demand, availability is limited and there is normally a waiting list. Once registered, you will be contacted to let you know when to expect to start your selected Mentorship Programme.