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Planning for Workplace Safety

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Beginning with the Organisational Safety Policy, the company’s Safety Plan shows that Senior Management takes the commitment to worker health and safety seriously. The safety plan provides a system of policies, procedures and practices to help prevent accidents/incidents, gives workers the knowledge to help them create a safe working environment and outlines a consistent methodology for the company’s approach to Health and Safety. It is one of the more important safety documents that a company can produce.
This content will give you the foundation to develop your Organisational Safety Plan and take the next step in building your safety culture.


What a safety plan will include
How to understand and write an Organizational Safety Policy
The importance of the Introduction to the Safety Plan
How to develop a basic Communications Plan for a specific accident/incident occurrence
Ways to decide on training solutions to common accidents/incidents
How to understand and explain the importance and structure of Incident Response Plans and Critical Incident Response Plans
How to understand Safety Inspections and Safety Audits as methods to identify unsafe conditions and apply corrective action
How to use a 6S Inspection Checklist to conduct a 6S Inspection
How to brainstorm policies and procedures that you might find in the Appendix of a Safety Plan
How to help your organization write, implement, and review a safety plan