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Working Time and Holidays

Cutting Wood

This online content will examine the key issues in the important areas of Working Time and holidays. This includes how many hours employees are expected to work each week, entitlements to lunch, rest breaks and holidays. The content will look at situations such as:- when time off may be paid or unpaid, including time off for sickness how many days holiday employees are entitled to, and when they can be taken how leave should be booked, what happens if you are new or too many people request leave for the same time how holiday pay should be calculated and what happens to holiday pay on termination of employment.


Working time
The law
Working hours
Different groups of workers
Time off
Paid or unpaid
Time off for sickness
Holiday entitlement
Bank holidays
Accrued leave
Booking annual leave
Requesting leave
Leave on termination
Extended leave
Calculating holiday pay