Are You Ready to Take Your Health or Beauty Business to the NEXT Level?

  • Is your business making just enough and you are struggling to get past your break-even point? 

  • Have you experienced a sales plateau and you are slowly going backwards rather than forwards in profits? 

  • Has your health/ beauty business successfully reached its growth point but you are now looking for more? 

If you are stuck wondering what to do and don’t know how to develop your business further, now is the time to get expert help to boost your business to the top!

Apply to be one of the top beauty businesses selected to participate in the world’s first ever Scale Up Programme created exclusively for Health and Beauty Businesses! Taking applicants from across the world, this programme is for the ambitious health/beauty business owner who is hungry to make their brand, product or service stand out 

This unique Scale Up Programme has been designed to have a core focus on accelerating growth for Clean Health and Beauty businesses with programme content, resources, mentoring and support with guest features from public figures within or affiliated to this sector. Get business savvy and oust your competitors to supercharge your sales and profits when you enrol on the exclusive Beauty Business Scale Up Programme.



An intense results-driven programme aimed at achieving rapid growth. 

Fix up your business from day 1 through our immersive business education that accelerates the growth life cycle of innovative and high-growth potential businesses. The programme compresses many years' worth of practical learning and business experience into just 12 months, so why wait to scale up? This is your chance to make it BIG and turn your business dreams into a reality. Be ready to work hard but expect to graduate with a mega turnover at the end of the programme.


Participants take advantage of a full year of training, support and resources including:

  • Weekly 1-2-1 (online) mentoring sessions with a personal growth mentor

  • 24/7 access to resources in our online Vault

  • Weekly training covering over 50 business tactics and strategies to scale up growth 

  • Guidance in formulating a tailored growth Accelerate Plan

  • Monthly Business RoadMap

  • Monthly sales and profits business calculation

  • Monthly marketing makeovers

  • Access to exclusive business events

  • Regular programme webinars and expert masterclasses

  • Opportunity to sell products on an exclusive luxury online retail channel

  • Various Clean Beauty business networking opportunities

  • Quarterly market reports and regular industry news/insights

  • Beauty industry resources

  • Digital Marketing expertise 

  • ...and much more!

This programme has been specifically created for businesses aiming to achieve 6-8 figure sales and profits in 12 months, nothing less. Spaces are LIMITED for this once-a-year programme and are allocated on a first-come first-served basis! 

Applications open on Friday June 12.

programme overview


The programme does not include nor require residential sessions and is fully supported by online learning. This is proven to be the most beneficial, cost-effective and time-efficient way to achieve maximum growth and conduct high quality applied business learning without travel. Being digitally inclined means we can reach and ‘meet up’ weekly with any applicant from across the world through our telephone, online meeting and conferencing technologies. 

The BBSUP is a modular programme that allows you to continue to run your business while you participate. Split into weekly learning blocks, each week has a set module to learn, implement and test the business principles and strategies that lead to immediate improvements. 

During the course of the programme every business owner develops a customised Accelerate Plan that directs their organisation’s business strategy and expansion. By working with an Accelerate Plan, you will be in charge of developing your own strategy for your business to achieve the goals you set and discuss with your mentor. 



The programme has been designed to be easy to follow irrespective of your sales and marketing experience. By following our 5-point system for success and with the support of your Business Growth Mentor, we guarantee you’ll grow your business with significantly increased profits by following over 55 modules included in the programme alongside your great personal effort and commitment to 


We’ll show you proven ways to generate sales and accelerate your business as well as proven tactics and strategies that …ensure your business is immune to outside forces such as keeping ahead of your competitors, navigating a changing economy, and  unforeseen events on a global scale.


By guiding you on WHAT to do, explaining WHY you’re doing it and providing precise step-by-step details of HOW to do it you will gain and experience solidity, growth and profit. 


Our masterclasses will feature influential figures and experts who will further your understanding of the core fundamentals of sales and marketing to get you retail-ready, investor-ready and business savvy.  

Every 4 weeks, your mentor performs a review on your progress and provides 1-2-1 guidance or extra support to ensure you are on track for the upcoming challenges of the subsequent 4 week block. Acting as your accountability partner, we track your actual progress against your Accelerate Plan and your sales and profit goals. Each week includes core activities and challenges for you to complete, to ensure that you are putting your learning into practice and staying on track.


The programme includes over 50 modules:

Quick Fixes and Instant Impact Strategies

15 modules on Things to Do Immediately including Putting Your Plans Into Action and DNA of Marketing - Understanding the 9 Building Blocks of Business Growth

How to Generate More Enquiries

12 modules on Different Lead Generation Tactics and Strategies split across the Programme

Mastering the Art of Sales Conversion

 13 modules Fail-Proof Ways to Convert More Enquiries into Sales

How to Maximise Customer Value

11 modules on  Sure-Proof Ways to Maximise Sales and Profits from Clients/Customers


How to Systemise for Maximum Profits

3 modules on Ways to Systemise your Business

how much does it cost?

Unlike other Scale Up programmes that require applicants to make considerable upfront financial outlays or pay fixed fees to commence the programme, we charge nothing except a small admin fee to process your application, register you onto the programme and send you various documentation.

 Our 12-month programme, valued at £25,000 per applicant, is the best investment you could ever make for your business, All we ask in return is a fixed percentage of your sales after a set time period of being on the programme until you complete the 12 months. We provide a fair deal like no other that keeps you in control of your business.

Am I Eligible?

To be considered for a place on the BBSUP, you must meet our eligibility criteria. Applications are open to individuals positioned as a Founder, Owner or Director of a Small Business that has been trading for 1 year or more, with fewer than 50 employees and a turnover of up to £10 million. 


We accept applications from all types of Health and Beauty businesses that identify as, use, or promote “Clean Beauty” and can verify this in their brand/product, service or retail business offering.


Our strong selection process also aims to ensure that businesses seeking to participate in the programme will see tangible exponential results. On application, a business development executive will talk you through the programme content, confirm that you understand its demands and expectations and ascertain your suitability before your place is confirmed.

We are accepting applications from the following categories:


  • Beauty brand e.g. Skincare, makeup, haircare (must be Clean Beauty)

  • Health e.g. Protein shakes, health drinks, beauty vitamins/tablets 

  • Technology/general e.g. Skin tools, devices, electronic, makeup brushes, eyelashes, accessories etc.


  • Beauty e.g. Hair salons, spas, beauty therapist, non-surgical aesthetic clinic etc. (must use Clean Beauty products for their services)

  • Health & Wellness e.g. Personal trainer, nutritionist

  • Technology e.g. Bookings or services app creator

  • Blogger/vlogger/other digital influencer


  • Technology products (as above)

  • Health/beauty product retail of own product from own website 

  • Independent Consultant of a natural/vegan/organic beauty brand or health/wellness company.


what will I achieve?

You will follow a comprehensive programme centred on over 50 BASIC, INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED traditional and innovative tactics and strategies for steady but transformational growth, leading to an iconic and lucrative business set for the future. This programme is the epitome of business success and leaves nothing uncovered. The BBSUP is centred entirely on your current business challenges, your opportunities and your future goals and ambitions. The way you apply your learning and the benefits you gain will therefore be unique to you.

By the end of this rewarding experience, you will have expert knowledge allowing you to:

  • Market your products or services effectively to guarantee that you reach and sell to your ideal target customer

  • Use 13 proven effective lead generation tactics and strategies to attract customers through both modern and traditional concepts including LinkedIn Advertising, Direct Response Advertising, Brochures, Special Reports and more. The more successful tactics and strategies you use, the faster your business will grow 

  • Create a robust sales conversion system using 12 effective strategies that will make it easy for customers to buy from you and remove obstacles to the sale.

  • Conversion Strategies which will help move the lead through to becoming a customer, maximising your return on investment on all your lead generation activities.

  • Have a unique customer contact strategy and construct effective ways to reactivate past customers/clients plus 8 other strategies to maximise your customer value

  • Know how to automate all your business processes for even greater sales and profits

  • Consider the fundamentals required to build a successful business, one that will support future growth

  • Discover the infrastructure components that need to be created, systemised and automated to support the healthy growth of your business. 

  • Be able to produce robust business plans and effective profit-building strategies

  • Improve business operational performance and management skills

  • Exert great leadership skills 

  • Achieve faster, trackable growth for your current business and further entrepreneurial ventures

  • A marketable brand or product that can be easily differentiated and is attractive to international health and beauty buyers from retail and wholesale groups

  • Create a unique and internationally-marketable brand and track the growth of your business into a competitive one with a high valuation as well as impressive sales and profits evidence for angel investors or venture capitalists

  • ...and much more


Businesses in this industry have higher survival rates after 5 years than any other industry or sector (NHBF, 2019). This provides comfort for post-5 years, but the data does not make clear what is happening to beauty businesses in the years leading up to this milestone. Market research reveals that 80% of businesses that fail in the UK every year do so within 3 years of launch (Mintel, 2019), of which a quarter fail within 12 months.


According to a Small Business Britain Report published by ERC (2019), business failure is attributable to various start up challenges including economic, social and technological factors. These are driven by the fast-growing beauty health and wellness trends and rising continuum of bloggers, celebrities and fitness personalities broadening the appeal of such products and services (Global Data. 2017).  This inevitably creates an almost uncontrollable upsurge in demand and supply meaning that if an online beauty business struggles to be either innovative or fight to stand out (Aulet, 2017), it can invariably lead to business failure.


We know the reason why most businesses fail, or at least fail to grow at the rate they should – it is because many business owners lack the skills, knowledge and expert support that make the biggest differences to marketing and sales

This programme has been designed to give you step-by-step practical instructions that you can apply immediately, enabling you to build an incredibly successful business in the shortest time possible.


This exclusive Programme only runs once a year.

Applications open on Friday 12 June and close end of July