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"Highly recommended targeted business coaching and support for beauty entrepreneurs."

Guidance, coaching, training, support, and motivation to help you succeed. 


Your Business Mentor will help you create your Accelerate Growth Plan which sets your business goals for the duration of your mentorship.

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Mentoring with          Diadem 

Diadem Business Mentoring offers bespoke professional mentoring sessions for business owners who feel that they require the guidance and motivation of an expert to fulfil their business goals. 

Why You Need a Business Mentor

This service matches you with an expert business mentor in the  health and beauty industry.


We know running and setting up a business comes with challenges that sometimes cannot be faced alone. Having a business mentor will provide your business with assistance. 


Your business mentor will ensure that you  remain on top of your short and long term goals and support you through your journey.

Participating in Diadem’s mentoring scheme is essential to your business and personal development.

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 Diadem Mentoring Programme 

 What we include when you  sign up for diadem mentoring programme: 

 A complementary session to identify your mentoring needs. Including an introductory SWOT analysis.

+  1 H

10 %

Each mentoring session within all packages are one hour long.

Upon obtaining a Diadem Business Mentor, you will receive 10% off on Diadem’s additional business services*. From web design & development to social media marketing.

You will receive a Concluding progression session (half an hour)with your business Mentor to ensure we fufil your mentoring goals

Our Mentoring Packages

One- off Mentoring Session:


This is a package perfect for business owners that would like to simply book in a session with a beauty expert for whatever their business demands at that time, whether that may be a push of motivation or overlooking a change in strategy. 

Quantity of sessions: one. 



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Monthly Mentoring Sessions:


This is for those who require extra support, whether that is for business strategy implementation , or for their business operations, once a month. This package is perfect for business owners who have experienced steady growth, but want to take their business a step further.

Quantity of sessions: six

Duration: 6-months


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Fortnightly Mentoring Sessions:


This is for those who would who like to seek regular expertise of a beauty consultant twice a month for three months. This is beneficial for those with a start-up business and those looking to develop their business ideas.

Quantity of sessions: six.

Duration: 3-months




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Bespoke Package:


If your ideal mentoring plan is not listed above, please contact us to develop your bespoke mentoring program, perfect for you.


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