" Expert guidance for Businesses in the Beauty Industry to direct their strategies towards success "


Diadem Business Review 

          A complete analysis of your business.


Our experts will conduct a detailed review of your business to identify areas of improvement.


The Diadem Business Review highlights key areas of your business that demands immediate intervention to optimise your operational, strategic and financial performance.

" With many years of experience in the cosmetics industry, our Consultants are well-versed with the practical skills and business intelligence required to yield real results. "


What We offer 

The Business Review assess your current strategy, performance and business operations which in turn  determines areas of improvement for your business.

From our analysis, our experts establish a new and enhanced strategy for your business that you can follow with straight forward steps.

We provide additional guidance and support to ensure you are effectively working towards your steps to success, through our complimentary mentoring sessions.

Our Consulting Packages

Start Ups

Established Business

This package  is for businesses  that are newly established or entrepreneurs who require expert assistance in setting up their own business.


From identifying the effective target market for your products to establishing a robust longterm plan. With regular mentoring sessions over the course of the anticipated  projects  to provide support  during implementation of the strategy identified.

This package is for companies already in existence that require expertise guidance to improve their current business results.

Once the experts conduct an complete analysis of your business, including strategy and operations, you will receive solutions to areas of improvement identified during thee diagnosis. With regular mentor sessions over the course of the anticipated project to provide support during implementation of the strategy identified.

What We Offer

Diadem Consulting 

  • Free introductory call to briefly identify your personal needs and business requirements 

  • Thorough business analysis 

  • Diagnosis and solutions of key areas of improvement

  • Bespoke strategic plan created for your business

  • Mentoring sessions to provide business advice and support for your new strategy

  • 10% off for additional services offered