"Business advice and services for new businesses to startup and established businesses to start out."



We assist trading and established businesses with their plans for internal growth or national and international expansion.


Through our range of consultancy services, businesses can start out a new product, service or retail offering, change and rebrand to remain competitive in their beauty niche or reach new markets and customers through joint ventures and partnerships.


Start Ups

Our speciality lies in assisting startup brands and startup businesses from idea to launch.

Whether it is a small project personally funded  or large scale concept requiring investors, we consult and manage the entire process of starting your beauty brand,  salon or franchise.

What We Offer

BRAND Strategy

“Creating your brand identity to give your business direction”. 

We take you through a series of consultations to understand your brand concept and create a unique and competitive brand identity for your business. 

Through market intelligence and analysis of your current or predicted commercial activity, we develop a strategic direction for your brand tailored to your target beauty market be it a product, retail concept or service establishment you wish to start, grow or scale up .


We provide a range of digital marketing strategies and employ modern marketing practices for our clients through our marketing consultancy services. Our team of experts can help elevate your online presence through:

  • Online Brand Strategy

  • Web Design & Maintenance

  • Social Media Management & Advertising

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Content Creation and Design

  • Lead Generation

  • Virtual Assistant services

  • Ecommerce support


From the introduction of a single beauty product or service to luxury retail store design and entering a new or international beauty market, we provide bespoke solutions, tailoring all aspects of your project in line with your brand vision. Whether your project is large or small, we research, strategise and manage your project from start to finish. 


Accounting services

Clinical Trials

UK, EU, US, Cosmetics Compliance

Patents & Trademarking

Virtual Assistant services

“Pursuing new ventures or opportunities for growth with a strategic plan”


Our business development consultancy service is centred on the ideation and planning phases of starting or growing a beauty brand or business.

As part of this service, we put forward bespoke business plans designed specifically for your target market or niche. Providing an in-depth overview of your business proposal, our business plans reveal the feasibility and viability of your idea and provide  strategic direction for both startups and trading businesses. Our business plans are accepted for department or organisational project approval, raising capital with banks or investors and attracting joint ventures or partnerships.


The core philosophy behind a beauty business's success is based on the development of the people in it. Poor sales performance, high staff turnover and lack of motivation are signs of issues with people development and management practices in your business. 


Available for both beauty retail and service businesses, we provide sales coaching, customer relationship management training and business skills workshops via 1-2-1 or team/group sessions to help create a positive and satisfactory working environment for your people and your business to perform better.


Need long-term help with people development? Outsource your human resource management to us.


Diadem Business Consulting has a specialist approach in sourcing strong talent to suit the demands and objectives of your business.


Our recruitment consultants are trained to understand the needs of the employer and identify candidates that bring together the perfect match in expertise, skill and personality required for your vacant role.

Whether you are looking to recruit a beauty industry experienced representative in Sales, Account Management or Business Development in-store, salon or spa in,-office, or working from home, you create the ideal profile of the right candidate, we will find them.


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