Discover specific examples of how our team of consultants have assisted businesses in each sector.

Lead Generation

"Last year, various jewellery and skincare start-ups in the US market came through to us looking for support with their digital marketing, lead generation and integration services. We discussed their business vision and formulated a plan to meet their objectives, i.e. discussing their budget and long-term strategy. One client came through to us looking specifically for more leads within the business niche they were operating in, so we set out a plan to launch their digital marketing campaigns, by effectively optimising their SEO and launching several PPC campaigns to generate organic leads. In turn, this particular client went from having a very small following to growing substantially to over 35,000 followers within a short period of time across their social media accounts, which meant more conversions and sales for their business, overall boosting their online visibility and increasing their return on investment".


"A well-known Korean skincare brand was planning to expand their business to the UK. Due to limited knowledge of the British market, the brand needed a market strategy that included advice on how to find a retail partner. The company was already preparing for new product lines to launch, product packaging labels in English for CPNP registration, and relevant marketing materials. The company wanted to feel comfortable expanding their business, identify the right retail partners to work with in the UK and get them up and running as soon as possible. 

In order to gain a deep understanding of the potential customers, we conducted research to identify key market players, potential partners, current brand perceptions, and competition. This also helped us define the beauty industry landscape and highlight opportunities to differentiate. These foundational insights fuelled brand strategy development and an action plan for the UK market. We managed to have a partnership with an expert local company to create ongoing international sales. We also advised them on pricing and marketing strategies to support their sales activities in the UK.

Our participation was key in this process as the client was relatively unknown in the UK market and they did not have sales channels and networks in the UK. We helped create its ongoing international sales." 

brand development

"A Health & Nutrition brand from the EU with no retail accounts or contacts in the UK and relative presence in their home market became our client at the end of March 2019. The client opted for our UK Retail Brand Development consultancy service in order to ‘test the market’ - their chosen market entry strategy, before establishing UK operations. The client required us to develop the brand by creating a retail footprint and gain sales traction aligned with a marketing strategy. We opened national accounts for the brand with the first account opening within 47 days of country management. The brand was introduced to various health and beauty industry contacts in the UK and represented to select retailer and distributor prospects in UK & Ireland.

We secured retailers in the UK including The Health Store (over 850 stores in UK, EU and International), and specialist wholesaler Tree of Life (the UK's largest wholesale distributor of healthy, natural and organic products) We additionally secured product distribution with a national grocery convenience chain, independent online retailers and secured openings to the big 5 supermarket chains in UK & ireland. In our effective market strategy,  we secured private/white label deals with 3 health & wellness companies in the UK with one company a key player in UK, EU and US markets. The business attracted 6 figure £GBP turnover by November 2019 in the 7 months managed prior to the business opening their UK office and they continue to experience success. "